Impact of the Internet in Just 60 Seconds

Do you know what happens in just 60 seconds on the Internet? It's alarming how much happens on the Internet and social media. Let's go through it in this quick course.

Your Instructor

Dr. Adam Pletter: Child Psychologist & Digital Dad
Dr. Adam Pletter: Child Psychologist & Digital Dad

Hello, I am Dr. Adam Pletter

I'm a Child Psychologist in my 16th year of private practice in Bethesda, Maryland and, more importantly, in my 13th year of digital parenthood!

I show parents how to use the built-in restrictions of electronic devices paired with my exclusive age-appropriate Digital Access Boxes™ so that your child can safely expand their access as they grow and demonstrate that they can handle themselves. The program was built upon real-life parent questions and struggles just like my own, and, therefore, my suggestions aim to be simple and accessible to all.


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