Crash Course: Safety in the Digital Age
with Dr. Adam Pletter

Learn the iParent 101 basics.
Protect your children on the Internet and Social Media!


In less than 30 minutes, learn how to protect your children by combining basic parental controls with proven behavior modification techniques to empower them to use technology safely.

Technology today can be scary and confusing to say the least! Devices such as iPhones and iPads are setup by default with access to the full internet, ability to chat with strangers, make online purchases, and upload photos and videos.

The good news? These devices have built-in Parental Controls that can limit and safeguard your child’s experience and I can show you how!

It's easy. It's educational. It's empowering! By taking this crash course, you will walk away with the basic know-how to safeguard your child from the bad stuff on the Internet through setting the built-in controls on your Apple devices.

Your Instructor

Dr. Adam Pletter: Child Psychologist & Digital Dad
Dr. Adam Pletter: Child Psychologist & Digital Dad

Hi, I'm Dr. Pletter,

I’m a Child Psychologist in my 17th year of private practice in Bethesda, Maryland and, more importantly, in my 13th year of digital parenthood!

It's no secret...parenting is tough! And parenting in the digital age for "digital natives" brings on even more challenges.

From my experience in my office seeing patients and as a parent myself, I have created this course to show parents like you how to protect your family from things such as cyber bullying, self esteem issues related to social media, viewing inappropriate content online, sexual predators, and so much more.

Thanks for being here,
Dr. Adam Pletter

"The (workshop) presentation was super informative and I was impressed with Dr. Pletter’s speaking style and how well he handled the questions from the attendees. Really an excellent job!"

Clinical Psychologist, Association of Practicing Psychologists

"I am so thrilled with Dr. Pletter's online course. It was such a fun and informative way to truly understand children today in our digital world and how to protect them. After taking the course, I now have my family devices all setup and couldn't be happier."

Happy Parent!